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Lisa Marie's School of Dance Inc.

For more than 36 years, many people like you have learned a variety of dance forms from instructors like Laura at Lisa Marie's School of Dance of Freeport, PA.


Unlike bigger studios, our dance instructors will pay close attention to you, and will teach you the finer aspects of the dance form you've chosen.


All you have to do now is to download our registration form, complete it, and send it to us. You can contact us at 724-295-3698, if you have any questions.

Premier dance studio in Freeport, PA

Dance is a wonderful way of life and expression. We set high goals for each of our students and continue to motivate and stress focus and dedication in order to achieve success. In addition to learning technique and routines, dance builds poise, self-confidence, coordination, respect and teamwork.

Not all dancers can make the commitment to dance, but for those who can, we provide a grounded competitive atmosphere along with many performing and training opportunities!


Lisa Marie's competitive dancers have had the opportunity to perform on the carnival cruise ship "Fascination" to celebrate the studio's 25th anniversary. They have also performed in Downtown Disney and trained and toured NYC!